Electronic documents with biometric signatures

- Effective and quick work with documents and contracts
- Simplification of administrative procedures
- Cost savings
- Gentle stance to natural resources

Creating PDF

Distributor (or, independently of the service, producer of the document) creates PDF files (templates) and prepare them for the costumer.

Creating PDF - Sign+
Preparation of PDF - Sign+

Preparation of PDF

Company representative (distributor of the documents) prepares documents (PDFs) for signature. All in Sign+ interface.

Signature of the documents

Company representative (distributor of document) let the client sign electronical documents by dynamic biometric signnature throw specialized device. Signature is graphically reflected on signed documents.

Signature of the documents - Sign+
Save/Upload documents - Sign+

Save/Upload documents

After the signing, dompany representative "synchronize" documents with the key in application. After this the documents are "send" on a secured server, where they are ready to pick up and further administration. Thanks to the online concept are signed documents immediately available at the company's headquarters using service Sign+.

Pick up the documents

Immediately after the signing and "synchronization" the signed documents are ready for collection and the next administration. Picking up of the documents running at environment  of Sign+ and documents are stored on a secured server.

Pick up the documents - Sign+

Significant advantages of the solution

Úspora nákladů

Cost savings - up to 85%

Úspora času Saving time - shortening of time for business process
Nízké provozní náklady Low operating costs - thanks to SaaS Podpora obchodní sítě Support for business networks within business processes
Zvýšení bezpečnosti dat Increase data security - both in documents and processes Šetrné zacházení s přírodními zdroji Careful handling of natural resources, eliminating the need for printing
Zjednodušení administrativního procesu Simplifying the administrative process of signing documents Rychlá a snadná intergace Quick and easy integracion with systems and business processes
Monitoring dokumentů Monitoring documents and thein edits Systém poskytován formou SaaS The system is provided as SaaS

The system supports the following OS
mobilní aplikace

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